About Us

We are a small, exclusive consignment boutique located in downtown Oakville. Our merchandise is carefully selected by our team of fashionistas.  We celebrate women's love affair with fashion while being committed to renewable fashion.

Careful selection ensures our collection of luxury items have been created with craftsmanship and quality materials by the hands of experts, to withstand the test of time. Every item purchased secondhand reduces its carbon footprint by ~80%, which is huge considering 400% more clothing is made today than 20 years ago.

We do love to stay connected with our clients, so find us on Facebook as By Consignment Boutique, on Instagram as @byconsignment, and on Twitter as @byconsignment.



115-5 Trafalgar Road                                                                              Monday - Closed
Oakville, Ontario.                                                                                    Tuesday    -   12 - 5
L6J 3G3                                                                                                  Wednesday - Closed
(905) 338-3474                                                                                       Thursday  -  12 - 5
info@byconsignment.ca                                                                         Friday    -     12 - 5
                                                                                                               Saturday  -  12 - 5
                                                                                                               Sunday   -   12 - 5